The Real Secret of the Kratom Plant is Found in the Purity of its Extraction.


In 2001, we were the first company to bring Kratom leaf out from the remote islands of Indonesia and introduce this magical medicinal plant to the Western World market.

In 2016, we introduced a new concept into the Kratom World. A PURE extract. An extract that comes with certification showing it's purity and its strength and a certificate of analysis showing that it complies with USP 467 Residual Solvents Guidlines. 

MITRA-4 45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Kratom Extract                      


Mitra-6 65% Mitragynine Isolate



MITRA-7 70% Mitragynine Isolate Extract    


3% 7-Hydroxymitragynine + 70% Mitragynine


Hydroxy-7 Full Spectrum 0.13% 7OH Isolate              


68% Speciociliatine Isolate


Today we are pioneering again and have focused all of our efforts in creating a state of the art extraction process enabling us to produce extracts of the highest possible quality. ALL of our extracts fully comply with USP 467 standards and come with a Certificate of Analysis showing compliance in such things like residual solvent levels and other types of contamination. We also supply Hplc test results showing the strength of the product measured by the purity and amount of Mitragynine present and also an alkaloid profile fingerprint showing the characteristics and nature of the extract.

One of the biggest problems for retail web-shops right now is payment method options. Kratom is banned by all the major payment companies such as PayPal, Amazon, Master Card & Visa etc. The only ways that we can accept payment is either by a bank wire transfer to our company account or by e-check. We will send you this information once we have confirmed your order. We are building a small retail customer group right now of dedicated Kratom enthusiasts that we can offer premium retail product to directly. I said dedicated Kratom enthusiasts because we are not an e-commerce style web-shop and we don’t have online ordering facilities like other web-shops do. What we do have is the best product available ANYWHERE, awesome value and a great service.

We are also working with a few select vendors who sell our products and use it to either make their own branded products such as liquid kratom shots, UEI Kratom or to enhance plain leaf.. Some are listed on the Recommened Vendors page, others prefer to remain anonymous and have asked us to give out their details only when requested. For retail enquiries or wholesale enquiries if you are a vendor please click the link below:

Retail & Wholesale : Email us for prices :




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