Kratom has become hugely popular world-wide and people from all over the world are finding relief from its unique effects as a natural pain killer alternative or in smaller amounts as an energizer or mood enhancer.

It is our aim to help to show people what is in their kratom leaf or their kratom products.

Our customers and recommended vendors get their leaf and products tested regularly and will be able to supply their customers with these results to back up their products.

Kratom.com will also supply a list of vendors that can supply these results.

Hopefully as a result of this there will be an organic trend towards an internal regulation of the kratom industry directly benefiting the consumer.

If we determine average leaf contains about 1% Mitragynine the alkaloid mainly responsible for kratom’s effects. Then leaf with less than 1% can be considered “less than average” and likewise for leaf containing more than 1% Mitragynine would be considered “more than average”. This way people can determine the strength of their products as Mitragynine is responsible for the “strength” of most of kratom’s effects whereas the combination of the five most profile alkaloids together including Mitragynine are responsible for the different “types” of kratom’s effects associated with the different strains.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Hplc) is used to test for the concentration of Mitragynine, which will determine the strength of the product.

We will provide a fingerprint of the relative amounts of the five main alkaloids which vary from strain to strain. Consumers will then be able to learn what type of “fingerprint” or strain works best for them.

Finally, we will also supply a certificate of analysis. This will show the quality and purity of the material as well as test for contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and other harmful or dangerous toxins.


Maeng Da August 2017

Batch number: MD/137432

sample information


Total concentration of Mitragynine : 1.21%

Ams stock


Here is an example of a batch of Maeng Da leaf. The top graph shows the HPLC test results and show's that the leaf contains 1.21% Mitragynine. The table underneath shows the distribution of the 5 main alkaloids in the leaf sample.

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