15X Kratom Extracts : The facts about all Kratom extracts and extraction

24 October 2017
15X Kratom Extracts : The facts about all Kratom extracts and extraction

In 2007, we produced and distributed the first commercial 15X Kratom extract. Today all over the internet we find various types of kratom extract are being sold under one name or another. It is very common to see things like 10x, 25x, 50x or 15x Kratom extract but what does this all tell us?

Do we know what this means and how strong the extract really is? For example, many companies claim that 15X is 15 times stronger than plain leaf (Very unlikely) where others say that it takes them 15kgs to make one KG of the extract. It is by no means clear so how can you as a consumer compare products and know what you are getting?

We made the name 15X because in the beginning it did take us 15KG of leaf to get 1KG of finished product. Like in 2007 all of the 15X extract on the market today was made from a basic ethanol (alcohol) extraction.

But exactly how strong is it?

There are no real guidelines or units of measurement as to what strength or purity kratom on the market is today. It is well documented that Mitragynine is responsible for Kratom’s main effects especially its analgesic effects. So, by measuring the Mitragynine content in kratom, we can establish a sliding scale measurement system for strength, purity & quality.

Good leaf has approximately 1% Mitragynine content. Most commercial 15X extracts found on the market today will test at about 3% to 4% Mitragynine. In this respect, the 15X extract is about 3 to 4 times as strong as plain leaf, certainly not 15 times stronger!

Also, please be wary of sites telling you that their 15X extract is made by boiling kratom leaves in water and creating a resin. Mitragynine is NOT soluble in water, it won’t be very strong!!

Since 2007 we have come a long way in Kratom extract development and we no longer make the basic 15X extract since the whole idea of an extract is to reduce the mass of the product by as much as possible by only extracting the desired parts of the plant. The dosage amount for the 15X extract is still quite large. It also still contains lots of not so desirable things such as chlorophyll, oils and plant fats. A lot of the other minor alkaloids, are also not important or desirable so we can really reduce the size of the final product down to just the main 5 natural plant alkaloids that really get the job done. Not only that but this also helps to eliminate nausea, feeling bloated and other undesirable effects due to the lack of organic plant material. A good clean extract of only the desired ingredients is the way to go.

Today we no longer even use alcohol to make our extract. We have created a procedure whereby regardless of the fact that Mitragynine is not soluble in water, we now use only water as a way to clean and enrich our basic Kratom extract ridding it of everything except for the valuable bits which we collect and enrich into a concentrated full spectrum alkaloid extract with a full 45% Mitragynine purity. The balance being Kratom’s other main four alkaloids, 7 Hydroxy-Mitragynine, Paynantheine, Speciogynine and Speciocilitine all of which determine the different effects of Kratom that we are familiar with.

Dosages start at about 50mg for therapeutic energizing effects up until about 250mg for more chronic pain or withdrawal symptoms.

Small amounts like this can easily be mixed into drinks, food without bad flavour or if preferred can easily be gel capped.

People often think that you build a tolerance to Kratom extracts more quickly than with plain leaf. This is quite simply not true. There is no evidence for this at all. Small quantities are extract are easy to weigh dose therefore making it easy to manage. A good disciplined and well managed dosing approach prevents any major tolerance.

We believe that kratom extracts are the future of the Kratom industry purely because they are easier to regulate and control than wild collected mixed plain leaf.

Here are some advantages of using extract

  • Easier to regulate and label with continuous batches being the same strength and composition all the time.
  • A much smaller amount of material is needed so easier to use.
  • Easier to mix into foods or drinks.
  • Easier to store with a 2 year shelf life if stored correctly.
  • Much better taste than leaf.
  • Compared to raw leaf which is hand-picked, pooled and packed in rural Indonesia, often with contaminants from the environment or harvesting and packing process, the extract has no environmental contamination whatsoever.
  • Much easier to administrate clinically or with medicinal supervision for detoxing from opiates.


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