Kratom’s Performance-Enhancing Ability

25 January 2018
Kratom’s Performance-Enhancing Ability

Is kratom a performance enhancer, is it being considered a doping agent? It has been a subject of conversation at the World Anti-Doping Agency recently.

Kratom known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa, is native to Southeast Asia and has a history of use in traditional medicine. It is very well known for its stimulant effects in low doses and in higher doses is known to be a very effective pain killer.

Do People Using Kratom In the Gym?

For many years, the World Anti-Doping Agency monitored Kratom but as of 2018 it is no longer monitored. Athletes in WADA testing won’t get tested for it. The United States Anti-Doping Agency appears to support the FDA’s position that the drug is dangerous, but legal for now. Their website states that, “While Kratom is not currently prohibited, athletes are advised to steer clear of Kratom for health reasons.”

Research Scientist Dr. Darshan Singh at the University of Science Malaysia whose research has focused on kratom for many years says, “In Western society, you may see athletes who are involved in weight lifting sports consume kratom to treat pain or to increase stamina. In Malaysia, we see footballers often use kratom tea to increase performance and to overcome fatigue after a football match,” says Dr.Singh


Dr. Singh confirmed that in small doses Kratom can be stimulatory but with larger doses kratom can have a sedative-like effect. Singh also compared weight-lifters in the West with manual labourers in Southeast Asia who have historically used kratom tea to reduce fatigue and boost focus during long shifts.

“Thus, for weight lifters, they may be using kratom as a safer alternative to other known or banned sports enhancing agents,” he said. “I assume that when used in smaller quantities, kratom can help to enhance weight lifters’ performances, and at present there is no test to detect mitragynine in human urine.”

Will Using Kratom Help Performance?

Countless trainers, weightlifters and athletes have been taking kratom of late because the right amount of Kratom can produce an awesome energy boost and let’s weight lifters focus on their lifts. 

There are numerous YouTube videos talking about Kratom being used for workouts, have a look. 

Kratom also help users with post-workout fatigue and inflammation. It also relieves muscle soreness after intense reps and daily exercise regimens.


A lot of people think that any mu-agonist opiate will decrease testosterone levels but fails to realize that kratom is not an opiate despite its opiate-like effects. Some people are concerned that it can significantly shut down testosterone after long-term use. It is very important to avoid chronic kratom use. All of the cons that come with kratom usage tend to become a problem when you're using it too much or in large quantities.

 Singh’s latest paper is one of many that suggest kratom leaves have no toxic effects on regular users, and while the DEA insists that fifteen people died from kratom between 2014 and 2016, fourteen of them had other drugs in their system. Many of the ill effects of kratom have been linked to pills adulterated with other chemicals, like O-Desmethyltramadol.

Typical comments that you see on weight lifting or body building forums “I dosed some kratom before the gym tonight and I gotta say it's fantasic. I got a better workout than I've gotten in a very long time. Kratom numbed the pain and burning feeling normally associated with lifting so I pushed myself further.”

If you decide to pick up some kratom as a pre-workout supplement, you will likely see some impressive results.

Always use it in moderation and avoid daily use.


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