80% Mitragynine Isolate.

In this enrichment all the remaining major alkaloids are discarded as the compound becomes purer. Mitragynine is the only remaining alkaloid. You can see that this is a pure compound from the single Mitragynine peak on the HPLC certificate below.


Mitragynine isolate

Retail Prices 80% Mitragynine Isolate.

0.5gm $45 @80mg/Serving = $7.20/Serving

1gm $80 @ 80mg/Serving = $6.40/Serving

5gm $360 @ 80mg/Serving = $5.76/Serving

10gm $648 @ 80mg/Serving = $5.18/Serving 

1gm of this extract is equivalent to about 65gm of plain leaf
5gm of leaf is equivalent to about 75mg of this extract.

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