Here is a list of recommended vendors who use our extracts to make one or more of their products.



Note that not all the products advertised by these vendors are made from our material and not all of our vendors are listed here. This list is of no order of preference.


JetPack Kratom                                      

JetPack Kratom carry a very unique range of products ranging from plain leaf to liquid concentrate, capsules and more. They are also ship worldwide!!

Visit The JetPack international Webshop


A brand new intuitive concept for Kratom suppliments. All Mitrafen products are made from completely natural and standardized purified Kratom leaf. Mitrafen offer a fast working and very easy to use liquid suspension along with a dry capsuled option. One small 100mg capsule is the equivelent of approximately 5gm of kratom leaf.


Maya's Kratom & Ethnobotanical Shop 

One of the oldest ethnobotanical suppliers on the internet with more than 16 years of experience. These guys ship world wide and offer a fantastic service. 

Visit The Maya-Kratom Website

Visit Maya Ethnobotanical Website



Created by Daniel Siebert, Sage Wisdom Botanicals is a very well known and famous vendor who has been in business since 1989 before the World Wide Web even exsisted!! They went live on the web in 1998 specializing in Salvia divinorum leaf and its high quality extracts. We have been working with Sage Wisdom for over 10 years and today their online store offers an array of interesting ethnobotanical herbs along with our certified Kratom and Kratom Extracts.

Visit Sage-Wisdom-Botanicals

You can read Sage Wisdom's Kratom User's Guide here.


Zion Herbals                                         


State of the art Kratom shop with fantastic customer service and product knowledge that goes way beyond the average vendor, Zion Herbals has been supplying inovative kratom products now for many years and is one of the U.S market leaders today.

Visit Zion Herbals



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