Mitra-6. A pure Mitragynine isolate.


HPLC Test results showing a minumum of 60% Mitragynine* can be provided showing individual production batches. We supply these certificates to our vendors and are available for anyone to see.

Moving on from Mitra-4 we continued to refine the process to enrich the Mitragynine even further. At above 45% purity the rest of the main alkaloids start to fall away leaving a purer Mitragynine compound. At 60% the compound is already very pure and the only alkaloid that remains is Mitragynine.

You can see from the Fingerprint graph below that we also supply to our vendors that Mitragynine is indeed the only alkaloid left in the mix.

Contains:   Approximately 600mg of Mitragynine per gm.

                          100mg extract is equivalent to approximately 6gm of leaf.

60% Pure Mitragynine C23H30N2Owith NO additional main alkaloids.

At about 60% Mitragynine purity, all the other main alkaloids have been discarded and we are left with a pure Mitragynine isolate and only trace amounts of natural organic impurities.

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* +/- 2% as results may vary between labs.

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