Mitra-7. A Very Pure Mitragynine Isolate.

HPLC Test results showing a minimum purity of 70% Mitragynine* can be provided showing individual production batches. We supply these certificates to our vendors and they are available for anyone to see.

Mitra-7 is the pinnacle of commercial Kratom extracts. We are the first and only company commercially offering this unique extract. It has taken years of research and development for us to be finally able to offer this jewel in Kratom’s crown.

FACT: It takes 1 ton of dried Kratom leaf to make only 8KG of Mitra-7


Contains:   Approximately 700mg of Mitragynine per gm.

                          100mg extract is equivalent to approximately 7gm of leaf.

70% Pure Mitragynine C23H30N2Owith NO additional main alkaloids.

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* +/- 2% as results may vary between labs.


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