Buy Certified Kratom Leaf

Buy Certified Kratom Leaf

Below you can find a guaranteed selection of the main original kratom strains since 2001.

Don’t be fooled by the dozens of websites and vendors that have long lists or menus of strains all with exotic meaningless names!! We have done a lot of research on all the so called strains around Borneo and found very little difference in their alkaloid profile makeup. The types of alkaloids and their relationship to the main alkaloid Mitragynine are all very similar. The main difference was just the amount of Mitragynine present but this can be also influenced by the harvesting and drying process. 

Our Kratom leaf powders are made from only the finest leaf which for the most part are all harvested from our own trees or bought from reliable farmers. A Strict and hygienic process insures a clean and consistent product that is free from Salmonella. All batches are routinely quality controlled and checked. We can provide a copy of the certificate of analysis and Hplc tests of any relevant batch.  


Bali Kratom Powder  

Kratom does NOT naturally occur on Bali.


Understandably in 2001 when we were the only people shipping Kratom from Asia we tried to keep the localities of the various Kratom strains that we found a secret!!! 

Real authentic Bali Kratom comes from Central Western Kalimantan. This is not a special strain rather than a special blendof various types of leaf from a specific geographical area. 


Bali Kratom Mitragyna speciosa

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Original Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Maeng Da is probably THE most well known strain of Kratom available. We introduced the original Maeng Dato the market in 2003 when we found a way to plant and harvest Kratom trees so that they produced more Mitragynine and other alkaloids than normal trees. In honor of this process which we learned in South Thailand, we named this strain Maeng Da Kratom. Original Maeng Da

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Borneo Kapuas Hulu Kratom

Situated in West Borneo the Kapuas Hulu Regency is the home of the mighty Kapuas River. This is a backbone for Mitragyna speciosa korth Kratom. All the leaf powder that we offer from this region is from our own planted trees which produce exception quality powder with alkaloids guaranteed of being over 1% or more and a freshness unlike any other!!

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Ache North Sumatran Kratom

Ache Kratom is interesting since it is geographically different from most Kratom on the market which come from the island of Borneo or Kalimantan. The alkaloid profile is very different than those from Borneo. You can see here below how there are many more alkaloids in the Ache sample which in turn means less Mitragynine which averages about 0.25% less than Borneo samples. Ache Kratom seems to be more related to the penninuslar Malay and Thai Kratom type.

       Kratom Fingerprint from North Sumatra       Kratom Fingerprint from Borneo



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