Make The Right Choice and Take A Look at The Different Types of Kratom Products Available in The Market Right Now

08 October 2019
Make The Right Choice and Take A Look at The Different Types of Kratom Products Available in The Market Right Now

So, you most likely checked out kratom online, how it can make you really feel far better and also more productive. Or, probably some buddy of yours was raving about it. And also, you made a decision to go on and buy it. However, have you determined what sort of kratom item you wish to get or what should you purchase???

 Kratom Products

Before you go all kratom crazy and begin looking for your first kratom product, it's necessary to understand the selections, types, and forms of kratom that are currently offered on the market. In fact, the selection of things like powder, capsules, pills, extracts, resins, tinctures, dried leaves and even drink shots; that it might leave you frustrated. Yet, what to anticipate in terms of reaction, potency, and consumption technique, so you can choose your most appropriate product easily. Listed below you can discover a short summary of all the different kinds of Kratom items on the marketplace today along with their TYPICAL strength.

Please understand that there is a lot of quality and strength variation between the different types of products even amongst the same types of products. The “strength” of the products is measured by the amount of overall alkaloids or more specifically the amount of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine if tracible amounts of 7-Hydroxymitragynine are detected. For example plain Kratom leaf, leaf powder or capsules will vary between 0.7% Mitragynine up to 1.8% Mitragynine with an average of about 1.2% Mitragynine.

 Kratom Sign


 Crushed Kratom Leaves - The name says it all. It entails drying out fresh kratom leaves.  Crushed leaves are perfect for brewing with water to make an organic herbal tea. The potency of Kratom leaf averages around 1%Crushed Kratom Leaf


Kratom Leaf Powder – The difference between crushed leaves and powder is that the former is coarser in texture while the powder form is a fine powder. Basically, people will take crushed leaves and further grind them until it is a very fine powder. In terms of effects, the powder is supposed to be more potent than crushed leaves due to the higher amount of Mitragynine in the powder when compared to crushed leaf. The science behind this is that the stem and the veins are sifted and discarded before powdering. The stems & veins have much less alkaloids than the leaf. Potency averages about 1.5% Mitragynine.

 Powdered Kratom Leaf

Stem and Vein – This is the least most potent part of the leaf. Many vendors sell them separately. Some people like to use this on alterative days in order to help reduce tolerance. Potency is about 0.4% Mitragynine.

 Powdered Kratom Stems

Kratom leaf powder Capsules – Basically a capsule is just kratom powder encased into a food supplement type capsule. Capsules are supposed to be the most convenient way to take kratom. You simply put one into your mouth and wash it down with water. Ease of use and convenient delivery method are the two main reasons why kratom capsules are popular among many users. It should be mentioned that the effects are reduced a little when you compare it to if you consumed the same amount of powder directly rather than swallow it in a capsule.

This is the second most popular kratom product after leaf powder. Potency averages about 1.5% Mitragynine.

Kratom capsules

Extracts – The extraction process for making extracts is verylengthy. There are basic ethanol extractions which will produce an extract that has a maximum of about 4% to 5% Mitragynine which is about 4 or 5 times more potent that leaf. Basically, you take a mix of ethanol and leaves and boil them up. Once all the compounds begin extracting due to heat, the leaves are separated from ethanol using a strainer. The mixture is then further boiled until it reduces to a concentrated powder. It is then strained, pressed, and dried.

4 or 5 times the potency of leaf may sound a lot but with a much more in-depth and complicated extraction process it is possible to make extracts that are nearly 50 times more potent than plain leaf!! You can see such examples here. When buying extracts it is extremely advisable to ask the vendor for a CoA or Certificate of Analysis to make sure that the product does not contain any excess residual solvents which if ingested is not good. 

These extracts are by far the most convenient type of Kratom product available. You only need to use a very small amount of only 100mg as it has a potency of about 45% Mitragynine which is approximately 50X strength of plain leaf!! It is possible to have very small capsules or pills made from this extract.

Kratom Extract

 Kratom Resin – In terms of appearance, kratom resin is a solid black block that looks a whole lot like a piece of tar. It’s usually dark brown or black and has glass-like consistency. The process of making kratom resin involves boiling the FRESH Kratom leaves in water for many hours and reducing the water, add more water, reduce again until a black tar like substance accumulates at the bottom of the pan. The mix is then poured into little trays that look like tiny bricks or pies. Many would just clump the mix together to form a tiny rock-like structure, or lay it out on plastic sheets which are shattered upon hardening. Consumption method is dissolving it again in hot or boiling water and drink it.

Potency of Kratom resin averages around 6% to 8%. Mitragynine is insoluble in water therefore not much Mitragynine is released in the process. There is an abundance though of all of the other alkaloids from the leaf which are more soluble in water and congregate in a large mass in this resin.


Kratom Resin Extract

 Kratom Tincture – A tincture is basically a liquid that is made from food grade alcohol.  Kratom leaf powder or even better kratom extract is diluted in the alcohol to form a rich tincture. Some people like putting 2 or 3 drops of tincture underneath their tongue for direct absorption by the body. The effects of a tincture are supposed to be soothing in nature. Potency is between 75mg to 100mg of Mitragynine,

 Kratom tincture

Kratom Shots Kratom shots are the new way of consuming. There are many advantages of kratom shots compared to the other products listed above. The biggest advantage is the convenience of the shot. They are generally small single shots which vary between about 10ml to 30ml in one container. Being so small the taste is much better than using the other products and the effects also come on a LOT quicker due to it being liquid and not powder. All good and proper manufactured shots should clearly state the amount of Mitragynine in % or MG in each shot. Most shots aim for about 65mg to 100mg of Mitragynine in a single dose.

 Kratom Shot


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