All About the American Kratom Association

10 August 2019
All About the American Kratom Association

The goal of the American Kratom Association (AKA), is to bring some order and oversight into a relatively new industry that seems to attract a lot of attention.


( -- August 1, 2019) -- The Kratom industry has grown in leaps and bounds with millions of people now realizing the hidden benefits of the responsible consumption of this product. With constant controversy surrounding Kratom, it can be hard trying to figure out how safe this product is for the ordinary consumer.

This is why the American Kratom Association (AKA) was launched. The goal of this institution is to bring some order and oversight into a relatively new industry that seems to attract a lot of attention while simultaneously causing a great deal of concern.

What is the American Kratom Association?

While a relatively large number of people confess to being regular Kratom consumers, very few understand much about this product. Established in 2014, the American Kratom Association aids to protect Kratom lovers from the risks associated with poor manufacturing processes of Kratom and to keep them from being on the wrong side of the law.

In other words, the goal of the organization is to ensure that there are fewer incidences of addiction or loss of life due to Kratom abuse. AKA is also focused on ensuring that consumers are aware of the legalities and boundaries of having and consuming this product.

Why the American Kratom Association Is Necessary

It is no secret that the numbers of Kratom-related casualties reported to having been admitted into the hospitals, rehab centers or even in the morgues have seen a significant increase. This is a strong pointer that there’s inadequate knowledge about Kratom use among consumers.

AKA’s mission is to establish initiatives meant to get things rolling in regard to advocacy, safety, and education among all Kratom consumers. Besides, the association owns a site where you can refer to and read news about what’s going on in the Kratom sector, get updates on important information about the herb, and view various ongoing projects.

A closer look at AKA’s functions

AKA’s main functions involve facilitating safety, advocacy, and education programs all over the country. But what exactly are these functions all about? Here’s a closer look.

  1. Safety

Under the safety pillar, the American Kratom Association has a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance program. Given that many legitimate and unscrupulous manufacturers and vendors may want to benefit from the Kratom industry, there’s bound to be some level of disorder.

If unchecked, this may threaten the safety of the consumers and could cause loss of lives. AKA comes in to create quality standards under the GMP compliance program to make sure that anyone who deals with the sale and manufacture of Kratom meets the set thresholds before being approved.

  1. Education

Many people miss the benefits of taking Kratom because they are afraid to try it. Owing to misinformation and misconceptions about the side effects and risks involved in the consumption of Kratom, many would rather keep off from this product completely. In fact, there are ongoing suits and court cases filed by concerned parties who believe that Kratom is a dangerous drug.

AKA’s quest is to provide credible scientific material and conduct outreach efforts with lawmakers, customers, suppliers, government agencies and credible vendors such as Kratom Crazy—all in confidence that it will help clear uncertainties, rumors, and misconceptions among the public. This way, they can manage to prevent the Kratom ban, and show how Kratom can be a good choice for anyone who partakes.

  1. Advocacy

Just like all other recreational substances, any consumer is expected to abide by the set rules and regulations according to the law. Some top laws, for example, require that you do not drive or operate machinery while under the influence of such substances.

The American Kratom Association helps ensure that no Kratom consumer is held unlawfully or faces prejudice. While there are calls to ban Kratom, this product still enjoys a legal status in America. It is neither regulated and classified nor acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration but this doesn’t mean that you are banned from consuming, buying or storing an allowed amount of Kratom. AKA works each day to ensure the safety and legalization of Kratom. They help pass and push for consumer protection laws in several states.


Currently, as many as 15 million people in America consume Kratom. Others do it for recreational reasons while others consume the herb to reap from its vast health and physical benefits. The American Kratom Association is tasked with the role of ascertaining that all these people are well represented, protected, and educated. The association is slowly succeeding in making the industry and the community safer and stronger each year—irrespective of where you are or who you buy from. 

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