Treatment for drug addiction

13 September 2017
Treatment for drug addiction

Kratom has a lot of fans as a treatment for drug addiction. Advocates say kratom offers relief from pain, depression and anxiety and can help people overcome drug addiction. 

In this article we give you a glimpse of the kratom debate.

On the illegal drug list

In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration called Kratom an “imminent hazard to public safety” and intended to declare it a Schedule 1, illegal drug, like heroin, LSD and marijuana. That prompted a protest at the White House, a petition signed by 142.000 kratom supporters and a request from Congress to delay the action. The DEA withdrew its plan and instead established a public-comment period.

The American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance jointly said: "We cannot and will not rest until the cloud created by the DEA is completely removed."

"Some research scientists were among those pushing to reverse the decision, saying a ban will harm their ability to study whether kratom can help treat pain and addiction," WebMD explained in an article on the controversy.

Pressing the ban of kratom

The Press-Republican's encounter with kratom proponents came after an article was published about an upcoming Lights of Hope event being sponsored by the local chapter of the Addict's Mom group. Most of the story was about the gathering in Plattsburgh this coming Saturday and why families of drug addicts will be sharing their stories.

But one paragraph mentioned advocacy by the national Addict's Mom group and how its members were pressing for the ban of kratom, which the group termed "an obscure, legal but deadly drug." That touched off a barrage of emails to the Press-Republican from kratom proponents, who wanted to make it known that they or someone they knew had been helped by the substance.

Here's a sampling:

"This plant is used by many people who suffer from chronic pains, depression, anxiety and addictions as a form of recovery, and not a single death has been attributed to Kratom use directly. It has been shown to be great for many who have been impacted by regular opiate drugs, and it has even helped American soldiers who suffer from conditions such as PTSD."

"The average kratom user is the boring, everyday, middle class, 30 to 40 something, law-abiding citizen. They use it for chronic pain management, as an antidepressant (particularly when the user hasn't responded positively to traditional serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to break addictions to harmful drugs ..."

"The kratom community works hard to keep misinformation from getting out due to its importance in many people's lives; people that used opiates like pain killers and even heroin have turned to kratom and it has saved many people's lives (and that's not hyperbole)."

"I am a nurse and an addict as well. I am clean now for over 10 years, praise God! I do use kratom on a daily (basis), and without it I would be either at a methadone clinic or on Suboxone which I feel both only substitute for another drug."

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