Mitragyna speciosa (Korth)


Over the last few years we have been looking at the inconsistency of the Kratom industry. There are no real guidelines or measurement as to what the Kratom is that you are buying. Measuring the Mitragynine content in Kratom is a good way to establish a measurement of quality since Mitragynine is the most abundant indole alkaloid that is in all types of Kratom. Aside from Mitragynine there is an array of other very interesting alkaloids which varying in amounts and different concentrations depending on time of the year and different geographical areas. 

Measuring the amount of Mitragynine as a percentage inside the Kratom leaf or extract would provide an extremely accurate and good way of measuring how “strong” the Kratom actually is.Since there is no real standardization within the Kratom industry and most of the time people don’t know what they are actually getting until they receive their Kratom, we believe that having a clear standardization of Mitragynine content is a very important way to tell and predetermine exactly what it is that you are buying.

After observing and watching the market over the last few years we have also been busy developing a good quality standardized extract and standardized enhanced leaf of various concentrations.

It is our new mission now after bringing you all the original Kratom back in the beginning to finally be able to offer back our Premium quality guarantee for standardized, food grade quality dry powdered extracts, enhanced leafs and plain leafs. Each batch of extract produced has a recorded batch number, shelf-life and certified HPLC test result-sheet, showing the percentage of pure Mitragynine within that particular batch. Copies of this can be sent on request or downloadable from our website.

It is of great importance to us that we can show you what you are buying.