Mitragyna speciosa (Korth)

Kratom Borneo - Extract 15% (TI-15) (Mitragyna speciosa)

Leaves, Dry Extract, Standardised 13%, Powder from Indonesia (SKU 0021)

TI-15 Full Spectrum Kratom Alkaloid Extract. Has on average from 13% to 15% Mitragynine purity.

Titanium Strength- Lab certified full spectrum standardized powdered extract between 13% to 15% Mitragynine purity. Produced in a registered food grade facility. We start with high quality certified Borneo blended green and red vein Kratom Leaf which is HPLC tested before and after the extraction process. Several more steps are needed in the extraction process to produce this 13% Mitragynine extract making it a very pure and refined extract. Batch number, HPLC test and two year shelf life guarantee. The NEW standard in Kratom extracts.

Average Adult Dose: 200 mg

Other names: Full spectrum Kratom alkaloid extract. Certified between 13% to 15% Mitragynine purity

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