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I have lived in Indonesia for more than 30 years but the millennium was a very interesting and inspiring time for me. One big adventure exploring two different paths. In the late 1990’s I was on the hunt for new and interesting species of reptiles in remote Indonesia. Things came true in 2001 when I found an island inhabited by a bright blue monitor lizard not known to science! It was named after me Varanus macraei otherwise known as the Blue Tree Monitor.

Around the same time I was also on the hunt for a tree that I had heard very good and interesting things about, Mitragyna speciosa korth.

I had heard about it from Thailand, a few stories going around from there but never heard of in Indonesia. In 2001 I also found my first kratom tree in Borneo. By the end of the year I sent out lots of free samples to all the ethnobotanical suppliers that were on the web back then. Sending the samples was like dispersing seeds. I knew it would take off, it was just a matter of time. I’ve been a witness to that ever since…

I made the synonymous names of Maeng Da, Bali & Thai by differentiating different types and strains of leaf and protecting the locations of the trees at that time.

By 2003/4 Kratom started to appear on the net with a handful of vendors selling it for us. Today it has become almost a household name in the States with an estimated 5 million users. We should witness what this plant is doing for the benefit of the majority of mankind. I am sure that traditional opiate pain management medicine and a lot of prescription drugs will change in the future as they look for safer ways like Mitragynine which has very little over dose or abuse potentials compared to any other opioid.

Setting New Standards

Over the last few years I have been looking at the inconsistency of the kratom industry. There are no guidelines or units of measurement as to what the kratom is that you are buying. By measuring the Mitragynine content in kratom, we can establish a measurement system for strength & quality. Since Mitragynine is the most abundant alkaloid found in all types of kratom along with an array of other very interesting alkaloids which all vary in amounts and concentrations depending on the time of the year and geographical areas.

Measuring the amount of Mitragynine as a percentage inside the kratom leaf or extract would provide an extremely accurate and good way of measuring how “strong” the kratom actually is. It could be compared to measuring the alcohol percentage in alcoholic beverages, Nicotine in Tobacco and THC in Marijuana.



Sustainable Kratom

Borneo suffers from drastic deforestation for Palm Oil production and logging. We are one of the very few companies in Borneo to be planting trees!! Kratom is a healthy sustainable industry or at least it should be. Some companies still literally cut down wild growing Kratom trees in order to easily collect all the leaves, they then sell the wood for timber therefore using the whole tree. This though is not our policy and rather than cutting down trees we have been doing the opposite and we have been planting them for many years!!

Moving ahead into the future it won’t be long before we will see specific types of kratom being commercially grown from genetically influenced clones to produce certain types and strengths of kratom similar to the medical marijuana industry.

Sustainable Kratom

Young Mang Da cuttings ready to be planted.

Sustainable Kratom

Genetically cloned Kratom plants will become a thing of the future.


Kratom Farm Plantation

Modern day extracts

The purity of any plant is seen in its extraction. Plant extracts are the most concentrated form of a plant where only the essences and essential parts of the plant are left, everything else is discarded. The essential parts of the Kratom plant are it’s alkaloids and that’s what needs to be extracted. Kratom has proved to be particularly difficult to find a method to make a good quality extract. Most of the commercial extracts that you see on the market today contain less than 3% Mitragynine by volume.

A few years after introducing Kratom to the market in 2001 we decided to produce a commercial extract and came up with what most people knew and know as 15X. There were only a handful of specialist vendors back then that were making a Kratom extract. The 15X contained about 3.5 to 4% Mitragynine which made it only really 3 or 4 times stronger than plain leaf. We used the name 15X because we had to use 15KG of plain leaf to get 1KG of extract.

Today we have developed a special tailor made system to extract and isolate Pure Mitragynine from plain leaf which enables us to produce a standardized extract of any concentration needed. our production comes with full authentic certification showing the purity of the product.

One Scientific study shows that Mitragynine is safer than plain leaf!


 A part of our extraction facilty

Mitragynine pure compound.

It is a scientific fact that Mitragynine  cannot dissolve in water. Here we have managed to make a liquid extract. It is very concentrate and contains 150mg of extract (In any concentration) in every 1ml of liquid.  A very small amount of liquid can be dropped into any drink for convienience of use. Being a liquid and being a pure molecule alkaloid means that it has very good bio availabilty and gets absorbed by the body very quickly.









Please check with us to see which certified vendors are selling these new intuitive products!!


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